Multi Dimensional Space Clearing

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About Us

Mystic Shaman has been active in various forms and through many meaningful experiences over more than 30 years.  Our team is diverse with inherent gifts, talents and traits.  Each is complete within themselves through living the higher principles and following their individual life journey while gathering into the fold very similar, yet unique - experiences and stronger essence to their wholeness.  

Please understand that a depth and breadth of knowledge, wisdom, practicing the principles - are gathered over a high number of experiences, dedicated practicing of rituals, ceremonies and personal lifestyles and over a number of years. 

There is no one step, quick fix course, book, conference, retreat or other knowledge base for tapping into it this in a simple way.  It is part lifestyle, part purity of spirit, partly an accumulation of wisdom from life experiences and an essential belief in spirit~mind~heart~body/earth spirit connection.  

This combination of components and offering of Mystic Shaman practice services as a collaboration and service - is a vision of JoyRae Freeman, who comes from Native American ancestry - is a Master Healer, co-creator of a better world, co-author of the channeled book - metaphysical primer "Project Earth", certified hypnotherapy/NLP practitioner, writer, professional speaker, soul coach, energy healing and empowerment teacher. 

Other bios of the team, which incudes lifetime associates, long term spirit sisters - may be available at a later time.  

JoyRae Freeman


Shamaness Team

  • Highly Intuitive
  • Energy Workers
  • Light Workers
  • Grateful
  • Grounded
  • Conscious
  • Sentient

We Are Light Workers

We are known as lightworkers, healers, light warriors, transformation agents. Our main weapon/tool is light.

Think of us as courageous, both earth and spirit dwellers. 

We are sages. The awareness, skills and intent have been building over the years.  We know we are here to make a difference.

This is serious work for us; but we live in a joy vibration - in the realization that this is a large part of our purpose for this lifetime. 

We understand the lower vibrations, but we don't live there 

Great Grandparents

19th Century - Canada.  JoyRae's Great Grandmother Elise, Great Grandfather Antoine

Scope of Solutions

Because we work in all dimensions - we utilize many types of tools, remedies, solutions:

  • Crystals
  • Singing Bowls
  • Sage & Other Smudging
  • Violet Flame pure essence
  • Healing Symbols
  • The Elements - Earth~Air~Water~Fire
  • Dimensions ~ Spirit ~ Mind ~ Heart ~ Body
  • Ceremony ~ Ritual
  • Sound ~ Colors
  • Dowsing