Multi Dimensional Space Clearing

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Welcome To Mystic Shaman

In the past 50 years or so . . new definitions for the term “shamanism” have emerged. The connotation now includes New Thought and metaphysical circles and is not seen as strictly defining Native American or other aboriginal practices.

Shamanism could be broadly defined as a unified wisdom of spirituality of all native peoples' tribes. Nature is the root of all ancient sacred practices - shamanism is a link to those practices of a natural type for we humans to strengthen that connection.  

Shamanism is not separate from other techniques, beliefs, modalities. It is one with all transformational practice.

Practicing shamanism does not require or exclude any specific belief system . .  only an understanding and acceptance of an earth~spirit connection and a connection between people and things.  Frequency and vibration matter.

Thoughts Become Things

Our emotions, thoughts and words become things.  All beings related to a situation, location or condition - have an impact on all parts.  As above - so below

Space Clearing

Our wide range of space clearing options, which are deep and wide - are effective, multicultural, sacred and customized. 

We work with a multidimensional approach because that is how the universe and our 3D plane works whether seen or unseen.   

  • Spirit
  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Body